Part II: Hunting Territory to U.S. Public Domain



The Diary Keepers: History, On the Record 

  • The Portage Connection 
  • The Vermilion Salt Springs 
    • Postscript
    • A Saltwater-Logged, Bedrock Layercake
  • The First Two Centuries of Euro-American
  • Presence East of the Mississippi, 1607–1803
    • Land Claims, Trading Alliances, and Wars
    • Chance Meeting of Two Legends: Pontiac, Croghan in East-Central Illinois
    • The New Americans
  • The Natural Scene
    • The Rivers of Mid-Continent
    • The Bountiful Hunting Grounds

Indian Land Cessions: Tribal Territories Transformed into U.S. Public Domain

  • Concept of Indian Territorial Boundary, 1763–1803
  • The Treaty of Greenville, 1795
  • The Kaskaskia Purchase, 1803
  • Tribes Ceding Lands in the Study Area, 1803–1819
    • Nation of the Illinois
    • Tribes of the Kickapoo
  • Reflections


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