Part I: Landforms and Ecosystems in the Making


  • The Woodfordian Moraines:
  • Our Imported Landscape
    • How It Worked
    • On the Scene, as Glaciers Receded
  • Glacial Ice to Prairie Fire: Interglacial Warming Drives Ecosystems
  • The Decipherers: Paleoscientists Find Evidence to Reconstruct, in Theory, the Sequence of Post-Glacial Ecosystems
    • Deciphering the Paleo-Plant (Flora) Record
    • Deciphering Paleo-Animal (Fauna) Records
    • Deciphering the Post-Glacial Climate Sequence
    • Post-Glacial Ecosystems on Parade Northward
  • First North American: Projectile-Weapon Hunter, Manager of Fire, Modifier of Ecosystems
  • The Tall-Grass, Wet Prairie: Fire-Sustained Relict of a Climate Extreme?
  • Soil Color in the Prairie Peninsula
  • Appendix


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